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4 Tips for Tearing Down and Cleaning Up After Your Event


Even small events can come with tremendous cleanup duties afterward. No matter the size of your event, here are some tips to make sure the teardown and cleanup happen quickly and efficiently.

1. Get to Know the Venue Beforehand

Before you can make a plan, you have to know the terrain. Take a moment to visit and familiarize yourself with the venue.

A quick visit will help you figure out how to make use of the space when it's time to clean up. Take note of where you can exist with garbage. Look for areas where you can easily dismantle any equipment you bring to the venue.

Checking the venue out will also help you determine where you can park utility vehicles or the best area for your dumpster. You'll also have a better idea of where to place things like portable toilets, should you need them.

When you're setting up, consider what will happen with the event items over the course of the event. For example, if you're serving food, where will the garbage go? What kind of path will you need to remove full garbage bins? A clear path between the event items and their storage or transport will help you get things done faster. For this reason, you should attempt to keep the event space as clutter free as possible.

2. Keep the Event Neat and Clean From Beginning to End

Part of keeping the event neat and clean is not letting garbage and debris build-up haphazardly. Make sure you have clearly defined places for guests to get rid of waste. You also need a plan for removing waste during and after the event.

For example, you should have a means of moving the collected garbage to a central location. For example, assign someone to change out the garbage bags and leave the full bags sitting elsewhere. Then, someone else can carry the full trash bags to a roll-off container or dumpster.

This will free the venue of unnecessary clutter and make the cleanup process at the end much easier. No matter how you go about it, factor the cleanup process into the overall event.

The less you have to do when your event ends, the better. You can make your teardown and cleanup seamless by factoring it into the event from the beginning. Another way to make your event's cleanup faster is assigning jobs to people.

3. Put Someone in Charge of Cleanup

Give someone the responsibility of handling the teardown and cleanup. Try to choose someone with a talent for organization. That person can concentrate on cleaning up even before the end of the event. Having someone else in charge can free you up for other tasks.
If it's only you, then make sure you keep the end of event firmly in mind.

4. Enlist Help When It's Time to Clean Up

Don't clean up alone if you don't have to. Ask for help. If you can find friends or volunteers to put to work, then do so. Only large events require a professional crew. Most of the time, a few extra sets of hands can help you get through the teardown and clean up quickly.

If you think it's appropriate, you can even ask any lingering guests if they're willing to lend a hand. Make sure there are specific tasks you need them to do before you ask them, though. If you have a bunch of people meandering and unsure, then you run the risk of causing your cleanup to take even longer.

When you've assigned people jobs and planned your event's waste removal carefully, the better the event itself will go.

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