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5 Important Facts About Hand-Washing and Hand Hygiene

Hand-Washing and Hand Hygiene
When organizers make plans for an event, they usually remember to plan for portable toilets. However, they may overlook the importance of ordering hand-washing stations to be installed with the toilets. Whether you are planning a huge outdoor concert or a backyard picnic, hand-washing stations are just as important as bathrooms. Read on to learn a little more about hand-washing and why these facilities are so important for your event. 
1. Hand Sanitizer Is Not a Perfect Substitute for Hand-washing
Most portable toilets have a hand sanitizer dispenser inside of them, so some organizers figure this is good enough - they don't need hand-washing stations, too. But while hand sanitizer does kill many germs and is better than nothing after using the toilet, it is not a perfect substitute for hand-washing.
According to the CDC, alcohol-based hand sanitizers do not kill norovirus, which is a leading cause of intestinal illness. Norovirus spreads easily in large groups, and hand-washing is important to control it. Hand sanitizer also does not remove chemicals or dirt from the hands like actual hand-washing does.
2. Hand-washing Helps Prevent Food-Borne and Respiratory Infections
If you are serving food at your event, you may think the key to preventing food-borne illness is keeping the food at proper temperatures and cooking everything thoroughly. Surely, these steps are important, but improper hand hygiene is at the heart of many foodborne illness outbreaks. Staff may bring bacteria back from the restroom and contaminate the food, leading to an outbreak of E.coli or Salmonella. 
A lack of hand hygiene also contributes to the spread of respiratory infections, like the flu and the common cold. Hand-washing stations will help reduce the spread of foodborne illness and respiratory illnesses among the guests at your event. 
3. You Should Wash Your Hands for At Least 20 Seconds
Many people spend only about 10 seconds washing their hands, but according to the CDC, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to get the maximum benefits and clear away more bacteria.
Make sure you rent enough hand-washing stations for your event so that attendees don't feel rushed when washing their hands. Your rental company can tell you how many stations are recommended based on the length of your event and number of attendees. 
4. Storing Soap Properly Prevents Bacterial Contamination
Years ago, people used to keep bar soap by the sink for hand-washing. Bar soap has become less popular, with most people using liquid soap in a dispenser instead. This is definitely a smart choice when it comes to hygiene since bar soap can accumulate bacteria when stored out in the open.
Keep storage in mind even when using liquid soap. Make sure the dispenser remains closed and sealed to prevent contamination. Wipe the dispenser down with antibacterial cleaner every hour or two to kill bacteria so that people do not contaminate their hands when dispensing soap.
5. Only Two-thirds of Americans Wash Their Hands After Using the Bathroom
Surveys indicate that almost all Americans know hand-washing is important, but only about 66% actually wash their hands after using the toilet. This statistic makes it clear that as an event organizer, you must do all you can to make hand-washing as easy as possible so people do not skip it. Hang signs pointing to the hand-washing stations, place them close to the toilets, and rent enough stations so long lines don't form. 
Hand-washing is an often-overlooked, yet vital amenity that you must offer your event guests. If you are looking for a toilet rental company that also offers hand-washing stations, contact Gotta Go Site Service Rentals.