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5 Tips for Preventing Portable Toilet Tip-Overs

Portable Toilet
You need portable toilets for almost any outdoor event, from school carnivals and summer parties to weddings and corporate get-togethers. However, if one of your portable toilets tips over, this can easily ruin any great event. Tip-overs aren't just highly unpleasant to deal with — they can also result in serious injuries for anyone inside when this happens.

Safety should always come first when planning your portable toilet rental. Read on to learn how you can make your upcoming events safer by reducing the likelihood of portable toilet tip-overs.

1. Consider the Terrain

Where you place your portable toilets plays a tremendous role in keeping the toilets upright and usable. Keep the following tips in mind as you choose the ideal places for your portable facilities:
  • Always place your portable toilet on a dry, level surface. Damp or wet ground can easily shift and send your porta potty tumbling over.
  • Consider how the terrain may change during or after rainfall. Rainfall can turn what was once a dry area into a muddy mess that makes portable toilets unstable.
  • Avoid sandy areas and other places where erosion occurs. Steadily eroding ground can destabilize your portable toilet and make it more likely to tip over.
  • Keep your porta potties away from curbs. Curbs represent a tripping hazard for guests entering and exiting the unit, increasing the likelihood of an accidental tip-over.
 If you have multiple portable toilets for an event, placing them all in a long row can help prevent tip-overs.

2. Use Sturdy Structures for Added Support

Brick walls and buildings can provide additional support for your portable toilets, especially in areas where high winds threaten to topple them over. Leaning your porta potties against a sturdy structure will prevent them from strong gusts knocking them over. Using a building, wall, or another sturdy structure as support also reduces the likelihood of vandals knocking over your portable toilets.

Placing several portable toilets in a role not only helps shore up each individual toilet's stability, but also makes them more convenient for guests to use.

3. Use Stakes When Necessary

Specially designed stakes can help keep standalone portable toilets from toppling over from high winds. These stakes resemble large staples and fit over the skids located on each side of the portable toilet. The stakes help lock the unit in place, preventing the unit from vandals knocking or tipping over the units.

4. Keep Your Units in Sight

Your guests appreciate portable toilets that are easy to find when the guests need them most. But high-visibility placement does more than make your toilets convenient to use. Placing your portable toilets where you can easily see them also deters pranksters and vandals — both groups are unlikely to target a portable toilet that's situated in plain sight.

Tucking portable toilets in out-of-the-way areas may help your location's aesthetics but at the cost of making your porta potties more attractive to pranksters and rowdy revelers.

5. Secure Your Units After-Hours

While some events are only for a day, others may be multi-day affairs. In cases like these, packing up and hauling away portable toilets at the end of each day simply isn't feasible. However, you don't want anyone to get hurt if they attempt to use a portable toilet after-hours.

After the day's festivities are over, secure each portable toilet with a padlock to prevent unauthorized usage. Padlocking your toilets will also prevent vandals and pranksters from damaging the unit's interior. Discouraging portable toilet use after-hours also reduces the likelihood of an accident.  

These tips will help keep your guests happy and your facilities in one piece. To learn more about portable toilet safety and to reserve portable toilets for your next event, contact Gotta Go Site Service Rentals today.