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5 Ways to Encourage Event Guests to Wash Their Hands

Hand Washing
When you are organizing any sort of outdoor event, cleanliness needs to remain a priority in order to prevent illness. Event staff can handle cleaning tasks like emptying trash cans and ensuring food is handled safely. But there is another big cleanliness issue that you must leave to event attendees, at least to a large degree: hand washing.
Failure to wash hands, especially after using the bathroom, increases the spread of illnesses like norovirus and the flu. By encouraging guests to wash hands, you make your event a lot safer for attendees and employees alike. But how to you encourage event-goers to wash their hands? Start by following these tips.

1. Rent Hand-Washing Stations

Hand sanitizer is better than nothing, but it's not as effective as hand washing. Talk to your portable toilet rental company and ask to rent separate hand-washing stations in addition to the toilets. Such stations come equipped with water, soap, and paper towels, enabling guests to wash their hands thoroughly and effectively.
Make sure you rent enough hand washing stations that the lines stay short. Guests are less likely to wash their hands if they must wait in a long line to do so. Since each washing station accommodates four people at once, a good guideline is to rent one quarter as many hand-washing stations as you do toilets. For example, if you rent 12 portable toilets, rent three hand-washing stations.

2. Post Signs Inside Toilets

Researchers have found that signs reminding people to wash their hands are effective in public restrooms as long as the signs don't have too many gross details about germs. Consider placing a sign inside each portable toilet that simply reminds guests to stop at the hand-washing station on their way out. This also alerts them to the fact that hand-washing stations are available in case they overlooked them on their way into the portable toilet.

3. Mention the Hand-Washing Stations on Maps and Materials

When you make a map of the event grounds, whether to share on your website or hand out to patrons, don't just label the toilet area restrooms or toilets. Label it restrooms and hand washing area. Do the same when you make signs directing guests to the restrooms. 
If guests repeatedly see the hand-washing area mentioned, the idea to wash their hands will remain in the forefront of their minds, and they won't be as likely to forget.

4. Keep the Hand-Washing Area Clean

If the hand washing stations are clean, patrons are more likely to use them. Assign an event worker to periodically come through the area and clean it up. They should pick up any stray paper towels and trash, wipe down any hand-washing stations that get caked with mud, and refill any dispensers that are empty.

5. Make Sure Employees Set a Good Example

You don't just want your guests to wash their hands; employees need to practice good hygiene, too. Before the event starts, hold a meeting with all of the staff members. Inform them of how important hand-washing is to prevent the spread of illness, and explain that they are required to wash their hands after using the restroom and every few hours during their shift.
Seeing employees using the hand-washing station will also encourage guests to do the same. Make sure workers all know where the hand-washing stations are located so they can point guests in the right direction when asked.
If more of your event attendees wash their hands, the risk of illness following your event will decrease. Contact Gotta Go Site Services Rentals if you're looking for rental toilets and hand-washing stations in the Jackson area.