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Determine How Many Portable Toilets You Need for Your Event

Portable Toilets

When you plan a large event with no bathroom facilities, you will need to rent portable bathrooms. If you are new to renting portable bathrooms for an event, or if you are planning an event for the first time, one question you may grapple with is how many toilets you need to have.

The last thing you want to deal with is long lines at your bathroom facilities. Your guests and attendants will not be able to spend as much time enjoying themselves at the event, and they may leave with a bad impression of your company.

Prevent this problem with proper planning. The following considerations will help you determine how many bathrooms and other equipment you need for a successful event.

How Many People Will Be at Your Event?

One of the first questions you need to answer is how many people you expect to be at the event. The answer can be simple or complex, depending on the event. If your event is a wedding or party with a guest list and RSVPs, you will have a clear idea as to how many people you need to accommodate.

If your event is a festival or other public event, predicting exactly how many people will attend can be difficult. One thing you can do is research the history of similar events to yours in the same area. Using those attendance statistics, you should be able to have a good estimate of how many people will come to your event.

How Long Is the Event?

Another factor is how long the event will last. If your event is just a few hours long, you may not need as many toilets as you would for an event lasting all day. A general rule is to have an extra toilet for every hour after the first three hours.

Are You Serving Alcohol?

Another consideration is whether you will serve alcohol at the event. When people drink more fluid than they may otherwise, they will need to use the restroom more often. A portable toilet can take about 250 uses before it is full.

Estimate about how many drinks per person you plan to serve and multiply that by the number of guests or attendants. You should have a good estimate as to how many portable bathrooms you need.

How Large Is the Area of the Event Location?

You also need to think about how large the event area is. If the area is largely spread out, you need to rent enough bathrooms to spread around the area so people do not have to walk a long distance to relieve themselves. If the area is more compact, you should not have to rent quite as many since they will be in one central location.

What Do You Do for Handwashing?

Providing a way for your guests and attendants to wash hands after using the restroom is not only a nice thing to do but can drastically reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. You want to provide a hygienic atmosphere at your event. Providing handwashing stations and hand sanitizing stations near the bathroom and throughout the venue is helpful to keep anyone from getting ill.

Renting bathrooms for your event is an important part of planning. We at Gotta Go Site Services Rentals are here to help you determine the exact facilities you need to ensure everyone is comfortable at your event. We provide a wide variety of products to help make your event the best yet. Please call us to talk about your bathroom facility needs and ask any questions you have about our services or products.