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The History of the Portable Toilet

Placing portable toilets on your construction site is important both for the success of your construction job and the health of your workers. Here are some important benefits your workplace can reap using portable toilets.

Boost Worker Efficiency

Knowing that a toilet is easily available works wonders for a worker’s state of mind. They know a restroom is easily available, so they can put aside those concerns and focus on their tasks at hand. And since workers don’t have to go far to find a toilet, they’re back at work within minutes of taking care of business.

Prevents Local Burdens

If a toilet isn’t readably accessible, workers will go elsewhere to find one, including to a local restaurant or gas station. Also, clients having their existing buildings worked on may find their facilities swamped with construction workers, which can greatly inconvenience normal patrons.

Other Important Benefits

Putting in portable toilets can benefit your jobsite in other key areas, including:
  • Keeping bacteria and disease out of the work area
  • Keeping waste out of the local environment
  • Preventing health issues arising from irregular bathroom access
  • Meeting possible law requirements for your jobsite
Portable toilets are a great solution to your construction workers’ bathroom needs and a recipe for a more efficient operation. To learn more about bringing in portable toilets to your construction site, contact Gotta Go Site Service Rental.