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Why Do You Need a Shower Trailer?

Portable Bathroom
When you have a construction project, a group outing away from your home, or you are providing disaster services, you do not always have access to running water. If you are in one of these situations, you might now know how to stay clean.
If you are considering renting shower trailers to keep your guests or employees clean, you can count on portable units to provide all the amenities of home. Read on to see what advantages a trailer may offer you.

Shower Trailers May Be Customizable

Depending on the size of the group and the type of accommodations you want to provide, shower trailers may be customizable. A single trailer can accommodate several users at once, and you can ensure that users receive adequate privacy.
Many shower trailers offer interiors with different themes and color schemes. If you have a specific need for your bathrooms, you can call the company you rent from to learn more about what options are available.

Shower Trailers Offer Water Tanks

You need not tap into running water in order to use these shower trailers. Each one is equipped with a water tank. The size of the water tank will depend on how many showers you want to offer.
The advantage of trailers having their own tanks is that you do not need to worry about whether or not the local water supply is clean. Your employees or guests will be sanitary regardless of local conditions.

Shower Trailers Offer Comfort

You also do not need to worry about heating and cooling of the trailers. Each unit comes with climate control so that users are comfortable in any conditions. Individuals who shower in the trailers also need not worry about the temperature of the water fluctuating as they bathe.
Additionally, shower trailers provide each user with private dressing space. The spaces are appropriate for a professional environment.
All of these comforts mean that you may see an increase in employee attitude and productivity. In fact, one study suggests that offering shower facilities is a win for employers because it may encourage employees to engage in more physical activity knowing that they can bathe.

Shower Trailers Are Perfect for Any Event

You can use shower trailers for nearly any type of event. For instance, you might be planning a music festival or a wedding that involves camping. With these facilities, you can ensure that your guests feel comfortable each day.
Shower trailers may also be used to accommodate those times when terrible things happen. For instance, you may need to set up a base camp for individuals working on disaster relief. In recent years, FEMA workers and volunteers have benefited from the use of portable showers on site.
Shower trailers are also ideal for construction sites. Even if construction workers have access to their homes, the workers may still wish to shower before using their own transportation to hit the road.

Shower Trailers Are Clean

One of the biggest advantages of shower trailers is that many models boast ventilation. They are not conducive to mold and mildew because they are designed for all types of environments.
Sanitation and hygiene are major issues for the workplace, and especially if you are in a disaster relief area. Employees need to have access to wash away any potentially hazardous materials. Showers may be able to prevent injury or illness.
When you need portable shower services, call Gotta Go Site Services Rentals. We offer more than portable bathrooms; we also focus on providing excellent shower trailer rentals that keep you and your group clean and safe. Get in touch today to learn about our rentals.