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Shower Trailer Options for People & Businesses in Jackson & Surrounding Areas

shower trailer
If you are heading somewhere without running water, you might be wondering how you will take showers and maintain your hygiene. Luckily, such a thing as shower trailers exist. Gotta Go Site Service Rental offers mobile shower units that can be transported by trailer and located nearly anywhere. Clients in Jackson and surrounding areas can choose from options that include anywhere from four to 10 showers in a single trailer. The units are supplied by powerful water tanks that eliminate reliance upon running water. When you need to take your showers on the go, we have exactly what you need.


You might not have guessed that a portable shower trailer could include all of the features you’re used to in your own bathroom. Our units do include a range of amenities that add a touch of luxury to the experience they offer. Some of the comforts offered include:
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Private dressing areas
  • Hand soap
  • Decorative lighting
Showering in a trailer can be a comfortable and even luxurious experience, so that’s exactly what we aim to provide when clients contact us. You can be sure that we have all of your portable shower needs covered.


Showers are a necessity, but when you’re on the road, they can be hard to come by. A shower trailer that hooks up to the back of your trailer can solve that problem. Gotta Go Site Service Rental offers this and disaster relief services to clients in Jackson and surrounding areas. We make solutions easy, accessible and portable, so when you need help, give us a call. We can be reached at 601-879-3969 for estimates and more information.
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